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Review: Meddling Kids

     Like many people who grew up in the halcyon era of paper-based RPG's, I know have young children.  Both of mine are school-aged, and are exposed in some way to my playing roleplaying games.  Finding a way to introduce the fun of using your imagination, as well as developing problem-solving skills, teamwork, and reading ability through RPG's has been, to date, a bit of a challenge.  Most RPG's are geared towards teenagers and my own attempts at doing some "kid-friendly" games have been disastrous. The RPG industry seems to be waking up to this.  Wizards of the Coast created Monster Hunters , a very whittled down and almost completely peril-free version of Dungeons and Dragons .  Troll Lord Games made Harvesters , where the players play farm and woodland creatures anthropomorphizing them into furry D&D-esque characters.      One RPG that I became aware of recently was Meddling Kids , by Pandahead Productions, which as you might expect is a RPG depicting t

Deris Michno, Traveller NPC

"Back when I entered into the merchant service, I knew I could go far, given the chance. That employee recruiter from Webber Transports was pretty quick to sign me up, and I didn't disappoint him. Engines, computers, there wasn't anything I couldn't do. I made Fourth Officer and had hoped to make Third, but my supervisor said it was only a matter of time. Shows what he knows. "My second term I was assigned to a transport ship called Tangerine Sky . A couple of years into the term the crew of the Sky became terribly ill in the middle of a run. The chief engineer and many of the other crew died, leaving us stranded in space. Even though I was pretty sick myself, I ended up being pressed into service in the sickbay. I heard after we were rescued that the Sky had been carrying medical supplies that were somehow contaminated and leaked into the environmental systems. Webber lost a ton of money on the deal, not to mention all the bad publicity. They diss

Hello World!

Right now I have three blogs on Blogspot.  The first is my generic, "this is my life" blog, which I honestly don't update much because I've learned the hard way about putting personal stuff on the internet.  The second is my wargaming blog, The Army Collector , where I feature miniatures that I've painted, etc.  But I also have had roleplaying games as a hobby, but I find that I like keeping them separated online.  So I created this blog, Graph Paper Games , to be a repository for hopefully interesting roleplaying game-related material. What am I thinking of putting here?  Well right now I'll admit I'm not running anything because I am in a new location and haven't established my gaming base yet.  In the meantime, I thought I'd put things like NPC's for Traveller or adventure ideas for Meddling Kids .  I'm slowly cooking up an old school megadungeon, but I'm not sure I want to put that in--after all, you might be playing in it! Anyways