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A old, reoccurring problem

I had lunch recently with a gamer who lives in my new hometown.  He's been running a 4E game for a while, but for many reasons is having to stop running the campaign.  I told him I'd be willing to sit behind the screen and take over running something. One of the many reasons he stopped running the game, however, was a lack of committed players.  He described the community as "in flux" and said that having people attend with any regularity was rare.  There were also veiled references to "edition wars" and the like. What does this mean for me?  Well, for one thing, I'm not going to rush out and buy anything for this, nor am I going to go whole-hog and plan a whole campaign.  I'm thinking just one Level 1 Quest and let's see what develops.

Stop. Hammer time.

Well I got an email today from the GM running the game at the local store. Apparently the game is off. He has had some stuff come up compounded with sporadic attendance which equals no game. So my current plan is to see if his group might like a new GM. We will see what happens.

Go. Play.

For a few weeks, I've been wrangling over whether I should start up a game of my own in my new hometown.  I had been told by the manager of the FLGS that the gaming groups he knew of were not looking for new players, and that on the whole the RPG scene was dying off.  Thinking I lacked options, I started plans on beginning by own campaign. Probably the biggest concern I had was time.  I'm pretty busy, and something more than a 4E Dungeon Crawl might be pushing it. But as I was hashing this out, I thought I'd still try to find something.  I went to, which sometimes has gaming groups, and discovered that the FLGS in question had a gaming group there bi-weekly, and that yes, they were interested in new players.  So much for the intel of the manager, but I'm not complaining. I'll let my very rare readership know how it goes.