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Halloween gaming session

The D&D gaming group decided to combine both the last session of The Other Rob's D&D campaign and our annual Halloween party on Sunday.  Click on the pic for a bigger version! Mummy dogs and spider-infested Mac & Cheese The gaming group in all its glory In the last session the group participated in the raid of the Majestrix's castle to depose her and put her step-son on the throne.  We seized control of the airship docks, sabotaged their "magic napalm" factory, and then went after the Majestrix herself.  Unfortunately, when the group confronted her Sign, the assassin-turned-wizard member of the group turned on the party and sided with the Majestrix (apparently Sign's player had informed the GM that this was going to happen).  So in the end the group battled the Majestrix (who turned out to be a pushover), Sign, an Archmage, and a pet basilisk, all of whom were killed in the end. I'll have to process a bit before I write about my

Season Seven of The Walking Dead and what it has to do with my game

Hey, there's a bunch of plot spoilers to the episode of The Walking Dead from 10/23/16 here!  After the break, I mean. Oh, and I do talk about a fictional character in an RPG who engages in abhorrent behavior most will find disturbing.  A gentle forewarning.

When the Villain Wins

A couple of weekends ago I had a nice long conversation with Adam over at Barking Alien and amongst the many, many things discussed was the question of how the world evolves and progresses throughout the campaign. So let's give an example.  In a superhero RPG campaign the heroes become aware that Doctor Demolisher has been assembling parts to create a weather-control device that he plans on using to blackmail the Eastern seaboard (too soon?).  After a few sessions of wrangling with DD's henchmen as they gather the parts they need for the weather machine, the players suddenly decide one session that they are going to pursue a sideplot and infiltrate the notorious gangster Peppermint Ice's nightclub to foil his diamond-smuggling racket.   Side note: I feel Peppermint Ice's moll sidekick should be Ice Ice Baby. So, as a GM watching your players wander down the trundle path of a secondary plot, what do you do with Doctor Demolisher?  Do you have him patiently wait arou

Caliburn (Cold Steel Wardens conversion)

Caliburn (Adam Sinclair) Magnetism 2 Accuracy 3 Force 5 Intellect 4 Agility 5 Nerve 5 Awareness 4 Psyche 4 Physical Skills Armed Melee 4D+5 (Batons), Armed Ranged 3D+3 (Pistols), Athletics 4D+5 (Long Jump), Stealth 4D+5 (Silent Takedown), Unarmed Combat  5D+5 Investigative Skills Canvass  4D+2 (High Society), Examination 3D+4 (Microscope Usage), Investigation 4D+4 (Quick-Analysis), Notice 3D+4 (Keen Hearing), Research 3D+4 (Books/Library) Social Skills Deception 2D+2, Intimidation 4D+5 (Threats), Intuition 4D+4 , Persuasion 3D+2 (Negotiation), Reputation 4D+2 (Aristocracy) Knowledge Skills Criminal 4D+4 (Serial Killers), Cultural 2D+4, Esoteric 3D+4 (Myths and Legends), Historical 4D+4 (Medieval History), Scientific 2D+4 Technical Skills Driving 3D+4 (Car), Fine Manipulation 3D+4 (Lockpicking), Mechanics 2D+4, Piloting 0D+4, Vehicle Combat 2D+4 Masteries: Boxing Combat Style, Hardened Equipment: Escrima sticks, two smoke grenades Memories: Gaini