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Rebuilding a Campaign

So, as I have said before, I started this gaming group in my local community through Meetup.  There is a area gaming enthusiast's group on Meetup, although they are primarily interested in board games and CCG's.  But I scrabbled a small group together who were able to play on Sundays, which is the worst day for me and I can barely squeeze in a three hour session every other week. Well now, that three hour session has had a wrench thrown into it and it'll be easily a six weeks before we play again, after missing the last bi-weekly session.  I could be playing if it were not for the time, a factor dictated by the available players (including, cheekily enough, that they play in other games to which I have not been invited). So I am about to pitch the whole thing and start over.  Recruit new players, even take the dangerous step of hanging out a sign at local comic book and gaming stores.  I say "dangerous" because one time I did that and got shackled with this very