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The Tarantula

With all the terrible weather, I've been looking for ways to entertain my kids.  One thing I have done was start a Mutants & Masterminds  campaign.  I thought it would be fun to post various villains here using the format from the old DC Comics "Who's Who" series.  Here's the first installment: Name: Tarantula Alter Ego: Esteban del Rio Occupation: Supervillain Marital Status: single Group Affliation: Dr. Mutato, Shadow Compact, other criminal enterprises Base of operations: Europe Height: 6’ 2”   Weight: 250 lbs. Eyes: red  Hair: black Background: Esteban del Rio was a up-and-coming member of an organized crime syndicate in Spain when he came to the attention of the criminal genius Dr. Mutato.  Dr.  Mutato offered to give him superhuman abilities in return for his assistance in various schemes.  Esteban agreed, and Tarantula was born. Tarantula assisted Dr. Mutato in several attempts at world domination, usually being foiled by the superhero team Vangu