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Fieldstone Phase One Completed

I've finished the highlight coat on the pieces of the first phase of my fieldstone modular dungeon.  The highlight layer changes the appearance pretty significantly. I used the pieces in level one of my "Down Among the Dead Men" D&D Megadungeon campaign, and they worked pretty well.  You can't do super-elaborate layouts with the pieces, but it's only the first phase. One possible configuration So what's next in Phase 2?  Primarily building up the number and variety of rooms available.  Here's the list: Two 20' by 20' rooms, one with two doors on opposite sides and the other with two doors on two adjacent sides Four 15' hallway pieces Four additional corner pieces Six 10' hallway pieces Two 30' by 30' rooms Six modular doors I've already begun building the Phase 2 pieces, so updates should be forthcoming.