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Friday Game Night Recap: Negative Crisis!

How do you say goodbye to the player of Komos (both incarnations), Union Galactic, and Positive Crisis? By have a massive dimension-spanning epic adventure to save the multiverse, culminating with superheroes, fantasy adventurers, and spacefarers battling a tarrasque, a lich, and a demigod on the rolling surface of a Federation starship orbiting Sigil, the City of Doors and center of everything. After starting off fairly typically in our 5E campaign, things went suddenly, terribly awry as the world was shattered and PC's were scattered throughout the multiverse.  At this point I handed each of them a PC from some time in their gaming past, worked out using Marvel Heroic Roleplaying rules (which is a great system for doing something like this.  Since this was a plenary session for the gaming group, there were no less than 11 players present, with PC's or NPC's from every game campaign I have run since I arrived in this state.  In the gaming group itself we had From the

The Lull before the Storm

It's been pretty slow on the gaming front the last few weeks, but I thought I'd at least share a few things I've been doing. As DC and Marvel Comicss have been simultaneously pulverizing their respective universes in hopes of ginning up for readers, I've decided to take a break from both houses until the dust settles and I get a sense of what the new regular comic book offerings are going to look like.  I'm not optimistic, and deeply suspect that I'll be dropping a lot of titles from my "pull box" at the local comic book shop. In the meantime, I've been cruising the library reading some older titles, including the weird and funky Tomb of Dracula.   The series is so, so 1970's, with its mod-style heroes and hip dialogue.  Dracula is the ultimate square, an arrogant authority figure from the past set on preying upon mostly young (and generally female) victims.  There is that 1970's fondness for Universal Studios monsters, "Asian"

Introducing the Deathwish Brigade!

It's been a long time since I've done a superhero RPG session of any kind, and the kids have been asking me to run something for them during the summer.  Between the upcoming Suicide Squad live action movie and their recently watching Assault on Arkham  (which was excellent), my son and daughter were pressuring me to run a "Suicide Squad" style story featuring characters from the old "Ultimate Posse" campaign (which was my old campaign using Marvel Heroic Roleplaying). So who is part of the crew of villains (and heroes) assembled by UNTIL? The Ferret (in his Deathstriker villain disguise) Bubblegum, disguised as "Black Licorice" Brawl, an NPC who has appeared before in the campaign Thunder, an inexperience "villain" Lightning, Thunder's husband and fellow novice villain Unicorn, a Russian superspy The group had to eliminate an African dictator/supervillain called "The Golden Lion" who had us