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Alice, Queen of Hearts (Cold Steel Wardens conversion)

I thought I would try out the Cold Steel Wardens  and begin by converting some NPC's from other supers games.  My favorite from Silver Age Sentinels is Alice, Queen of Hearts.  She just needed to be powered-down a little. Alice, Queen of Hearts Magnetism 4 Accuracy 5 Force 3 Intelligence 5 Agility 5 Nerve 3 Awareness 4 Psyche 3 Pace 7 Defensive Value 8 Wealth and Status Physical Strain 12 Mental Strain 12 Physical Skills Armed Melee 2D+5, Armed Ranged 5D+5 (Pistol), Athletics 3D+3 (Parkour), Stealth 6D+5 (Move Silently, Stake-Out), Unarmed Combat 4D+5 (+1D Damage) Investigative Skills Canvass 3D+5 (Underworld), Examination 1D+4, Investigation 3D+4 (Pick out detail), Notice 4D+4 (Spot Ambush), Research 3D+5 (Internet) Social Skills Deception 4D+4 (Bluffing), Intimidation 3D+4 (Taunts), Intuition 2D+4, Persuasion 4D+4 (Seduction), Reputation 2D+4 Knowledge Skills Criminal 4D+5 (Metahuman Assassins), Cultural 3D+5 (Art), Esoteric  0D+5, Historic

More corners and walls

I had a quiet evening and used the time to add a few more pieces to my modular dungeon. So here is how it looks with a few other pieces, just set up on my small table.

A follow up to my Cold Steel Wardens Review

Last month I reviewed Cold Steel Wardens, a superhero RPG seeking to emulate the good parts of the Iron Age of comic books. I feel like I read the game enough to write a review, but since then this game has been sitting on my nightstand, constantly drawing me in to reread it.  There's a lot that is compelling about this game, and a few things I'm having a lot of trouble getting past, both of which is probably what keeps me coming back to it.  (Note: I have a similar relationship with Rifts .) One of the things I really like is the way that the rules support investigating play.  There's a skill for canvassing an area for information that is different than the one you use to interrogate people or the one you use to research stuff online.  The GM section of running investigations is excellent and I'll likely port it into any similar game I run. I like how the game handles realistic combat and injuries.  Not really something you'd see in most supers RPG's,

More modular terrain pieces

So I'm doing some recovering from a medical problem right now, a recovery that is keeping my activities pretty low key, so I decided to stick to the easy and gentle work of making more pieces for my two modular dungeons (the gothic and the cavern). Click on the pics for enlargements. More wall pieces to help delineate rooms.  Generic cavern floor pieces.  I personally love the look of these once they are painted up.  I think they are beautiful. Comments welcome!

Friday Night Recap: we steal an AT-ST

So in the latest session of our WEG Star Wars campaign the group decided to investigate the home planet of the slaves whom the now-deceased Darga the Hutt was kidnapping (and whom we had rescued).  The group arrived to find three First Order Star Destroyers and a faction from the Corporate Sector parked on the planet.  Using the cover of criminals moving into Darga's operation, the party landed and began exploring the First Order's operations.  Apparently the Order had recruited a scion of the dead king who was willing to sell both his older brother and a good chunk of his people into slavery to guarantee the crown.  While the smuggler Silac seduced one of the corporate types into some detailed information, Gar the Wookie and his "niece" Basha, along with the group's Scout went into the city to scrounge up more information. Which mostly involved stealing a First Order AT-ST and driving it into the jail where the other prince was being held.  The group res

RPGaDAY 2016: Day 31: best advice

Best advice you were ever given for your game of choice? Go play.