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Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

I tried to avoid spoilers to this movie, but if you think I didn't, my apologies in advance. It's been a while since I've reviewed something, so I thought I'd give my handful of readers my take on the new DC animated movie Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay For those familiar with the earlier animated Suicide Squad movie Assault on Arkham , I should tell you that this is not a sequel to that movie but rather follows the DC animated movie Flashpoint , a fact which isn't revealed until pretty late in the movie.  That's too bad, because I thought Assault on Arkham was a great movie and vastly superior to the live-action film.  The real giveaway that the two are not related is that Killer Frost, theoretically killed in Assault on Arkham , appears in Hell to Pay  but with a different secret identity and costume (for those keeping track, the AoA version is Louise Lincoln, the HtP version is Crystal Frost). Hell to Pay is a pretty standard Suicide Squad plotline: th

The Mighty Crusaders

I've really let my writing slow down, so I thought I'd expound upon some things that I like that are on my mind lately.  One of these is The Mighty Crusaders. My interest in the comic book team The Mighty Crusaders goes back not to the original team, but to the brief period when DC Comics re-envisioned the former Archie Comics characters as part of their Impact Comics line from 1991 to 1993.  Despite DC's goal of reading younger views with more kid-friendly story-lines and direct-to-newstand sales, as a college student I liked the Impact line for several reasons. (Side note: DC Comics also took another property they owned outright, Charleston Comics, and used those characters as the basis for the Watchmen .) First, it was fun getting into an entire comic book universe on the ground floor, one which appeared to have little-to-no backstory and every character was just having its start.  Second, with the Iron Age in full swing, I appreciated the more Silver Age-style stori


For the past few months I have been gaming in my living room, rather than in the dedicated space in my basement.  The reasons were manifold: it is much colder in my basement, I no longer had to be mindful of a spouse who didn't participate in gaming, and the basement was a major mess from all the chaos of my ex-wife moving out. But time has passed, Spring is here, and I'm ready to get my gaming room back to being a gaming room.  Or better yet, even a better room than before.  There's a lot of old toys the kids no longer use and other assorted junk down there as well.  So I will be unloading unwanted miniatures, manky terrain, and RPG's that will never see the light of day in the next few weeks. What will be tricky will be figuring out what falls into that RPG category.  A few days ago I was at Half Price Books and spotted a Player's Handbook  from the 3.5 Edition.  Now these are pretty rare, and there is a definite crowd who favors that edition over others.  I h